Traditional Boudoir Photography, Dallas, TX

Pin-up boudoir photography is a style that hearkens back to an era of glam and beauty at the turn of the century. A pin-up boudoir photography shoot is designed to be more vintage and retro than a traditional boudoir photography shoot.

Although, getting their start in the 1940’s, pin-up photography has remained popular today. Images of women in magazines and advertising were a bit risque but empowering, signifying the bold advances of women in society.¬†Pin-up girls were typically adorn wearing bright colors and full makeup. Often models sported flirty looks, and would tease without being outright sensual. Pin-up photography is often associated with telling a story whereas traditional boudoir photography generally tends to be more intimate.

Boudoir Photography Dallas can help you to find a photographer specializing in this type of artistry.