Do It Yourself Boudoir Photos Made Simple

Do you remember when your best friend had those amazing photos of her in a bustier taken for her husband last year? Or when your cousin, after she dropped her post baby weight, she had those super sexy shots of her under the canopy on her bed? You would look so amazing in those professional photos, right? But the price for those sittings…Yikes!! Most of the women I know just can’t afford those boudoir sessions.

Boudoir photos that look like they cost a months salary are being taken by thousands of women at home now. I know, I know, your selfies never turn out looking like you have anything less than 4 chins, and flabby arms, but that’s a thing of the past. I’m going to lend you some assistance.

Following some of these simple tips and ideas can help you take some stunning photos of yourself and you’ll actually want to share them.

Shoot from high and low angles.

Not everyone looks great from straight ahead in a camera lens. Play with the angles that you’re taking the photos from and determine which angles are best for you. Try high, over your head, and low, floor level looking up at you. These are natural angles that your partner views you from every day. Think about it, you and he are rarely sitting eye to eye, speaking with one another Usually, we talking over our shoulder, or yelling back from a yoga pose. Why wouldn’t we want to take photos from the angles they see us in every day? You look best in your natural form.

Put your hair in your face.

We all have seen those beautiful photos of women with their hair over half of their face, they’re sitting backward in a chair, looking down at the floor. You can do that very same pose. All you need is a camera with a timer, a chair, and your very own lovely locks. To start with, practice getting your hair draped in a way that is flattering to you. I’ve found my hair looks and drapes in a much sexier fashion if I haven’t washed it that day. While you’re figuring out what looks best for this pose, take some selfies to look back on which way the camera flatters it best. Then, try out your chair poses. The great thing about posing backward in a chair is the ability to hide the areas you’re not comfortable showing the camera. Take several practice photos so you can see which poses the camera likes the most for you. Then simply combine the two, and shoot. .

Try a dark room and stringing LED light strands over yourself.

This makes for such an interesting photo, and it is also flattering to most any body type. You can use multiple strands, and a soft background light to add some additional light to the photo. Drape the lighting over your shoulders and arms, and try some different positions to see what the camera likes. You’re almost guaranteed to find one you like with this photo scenario.

Try a milk bath.

Sitting in a hazy milk bath is a great look for boudoir photos. This is actually a wonderful look for the expectant mother, also. You can add flowers or ornaments to the bath water to personalize what you would like to express with the photo. It can be a fantastic look in black and white, as well as full color finishes..

Lying on the bed, with mosquito netting canopy.

Another well known look for intimate photos, this is a super versatile photo set up. You can buy the mosquito netting canopies pre-decorated on many websites, including The canopies give a way to personalize the photo, and can also be a major statement factor in your photo. You have many ways to express yourself in this type of photo backdrop, and can decorate your bed and canopy to fancy the sexier side of things, or keep a clean, white look to give a more traditional feel to this photo backdrop. The sky is the limit with this classic lingerie photo style.

Couples Photos.

We often forget that our partner has a role in lingerie photos as well. If your guy looks amazing without a shirt, or has a rugged, handsome look, by all means, take some photos with the sexy guy! Some of these photo shoots that turn out really well include black and white, or the mosquito canopy type. Often, photos of a couple looking into one anothers’ eyes, almost touching at the nose, can be some of the most romantic looking photos taken. Don’t forget to take some practice photos of your partner, just to be sure of what side of him the camera loves. Any pose you think is your best, try it with your partner in it. You might be surprised at how great the two of you really look together.

There are many Pinterest boards that are dedicated to boudoir photos, and you can get some really great ideas if you scroll around looking at some of the photo shoots that others have successfully had. In addition, try some other photo shoot ideas that aren’t traditionally thought of in boudoir photography. Perhaps, outdoors or in a body of water. Although they are not often thought of for this type of photo shoot, they can be gorgeous backdrops for a really sexy look.

Don’t forget, the quality of your photos is in direct correlation to the quality of your camera. If you want to have quality photos, you’ll need a quality camera. Some of you really photogenic ladies, you take great lingerie photos with a cell phone camera. However, for the remainder of the ladies out there, get a good digital camera with a timer, and start having some fun with it. You will get better at taking photos of yourself the more often you do so. And, one last note: Don’t forget to give us your sexiest smile.

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